All versions automatically install on all USB ports and support both bit and bit systems. The ony thing that has been giving me trouble is running Gigastudio 3 in rewire mode. I would appreciate any help you can offer. To demo or license CEntrance technology, please submit your contact information and a short description of the project. However, it could be that that it will only work with the M-audio interface as timing masters – although you could still have it slaving off the RME’s better clock.

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Now when I try to record with this set up, also when I try to adjust the input volume on the slider in Audacity, I get the following message: As already said, you won’t be able to use ASIO with two or more different drivers. ASIO currently only supports one single audio interface. Author Post time Subject Direction: As more and more ASIO applications appear, this feature becomes more important.

Thanks for the reply Vocals.

The driver is available for free download right here: I want to use the RME drivers for inputs importing 24 tracks from Gigastudio on a separate PC and the Firewire outputs for monitoring. Check out the beta drivers. Michael Goodman CEntrance, Inc.


We offer attractive licensing terms and many customizable options. Does it provide the USB2. I would appreciate any help you can offer. Can someone tell me what windows versions are supported for the latest Thesycon driver?

ASIO drivers for multiple cards? | Cakewalk Forums

It was all working fine prior to these updates a few days ago, using WIndows 10 and Audacity 2. CEntrance drivers are on 5th generation code base. I misread the article. Centranc, it could be that that it will only work with the M-audio univdrsal as timing masters – although you could still have it slaving off the RME’s better clock. Formerly incompatible audio devices can now record and play together in one studio setup.

ASIO drivers for multiple cards?

I’m getting some BSOD crashes when trying to record audio tracks at the same time Giga centance running in rewire mode. The free download at the link posted above doesn’t work with the XMOS reference kit. You actually end up using wdm drivers with it. Yes, I know it’s upside down. This maybe adds some playback latency ofcource.


Note that Audacity 2. Presumably your built-in sound card does have proper Windows 10 drivers, given your machine is made by Microsoft. Founded inCEntrance is a full-service design firm that brings to market differentiated audio and entertainment products.

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Fort Worth, TX Status: Jem Max Output Level: The public beta version is available for download for a limited time, prior to the upcoming commercial release of the software, to expand test coverage using different combinations of audio software, recording interfaces, and Windows computer systems. Actually, as we speak, just double checked on this, and volume input miraculously now works!! Legacy driver for Windows XP, Rev 7.

Sorry – you are correct! Thanks for any replies. User Control Panel Log out. CEntrance developed centrance universal software to be compatible with the majority of commercially available audio centrance universal and has performed extensive internal testing.