Printing A Partition List This Basic Operation Guide contains procedural steps for initial installation and set-up of the machine and connection to a computer. When you have entered all the network settings, press [Reset]. Printing A Font List Auto Clear Time Press to select Input Size and press [Enter].

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Press [Energy Saver] again to resume copying operations. If loading long paper, pull out the Multi-Bypass Tray Extension and flip it open.

FUSER d-Copia 16/16MF/200/200MF/1600

The following Interrupt Modes are available: Page 40 Other Regular Size: Time that can be set: Copy Default Settings Loading Paper Into A Cassette Press to select Input Size and press [Enter]. The recovery time before copies can be made is 10 seconds.

Optional Equipment Optional Equipment Overview The following optional equipment is available for use with your machine. Page 54 Press [Start]. If, however, the machine is used over a long period of time in a poorly ventilated room or when making an extremely large number of copies, the d-ccopia may become unpleasant.


If the paper tears during removal, remove any loose scraps from inside the machine. Up to copies can be entered. Names Of Parts Printing A Service Status Page Network Scanner Kit Cleaning your machine regularly will ensure optimum d-ccopia quality.

Olivetti d-copia 16MF User Manual

For this reason, laser radiation emitted inside this machine is hermetically sealed within the protective housing and external cover. Making Full Use of Advanced Functions Automatic selection of copy paper the same size as the original: D-copiq a paper jam occurs in the Optional Finisher, perform the following procedure to remove the jammed paper. For details, refer to Chapter 2, Advanced Operation Guide.

Remove the Staple Holder, refer to Adding Staples, on page Optional Document Processor 16kf Legal And Safety Information Reading Font Data Enter the next segment and press [ ]. Multi-bypass Tray Size And Type Press [Paper Select] to select the copy paper required. Throughout this guide is referred to as 16 ppm prints per minute model, as 20 ppm prints per minute model, and as 25 ppm prints per minute model.



Close the Left Cover. The following screen displays when the Copier key is pressed.

Preset Zoom Mode Processed data will be output and remaining data 16fm be printed on the next page. Don’t have an account? Default Operation Mode