The back side has to be kept free from interfaces due to the battery. Dell homepage Dell notebook section Inspiron Mini 10 Series. The viewing angles are on a level common of the category and allow for the recognition of an undistorted image content to the greatest possible extent on the horizontal axis for quite a time. Among other things, the warranty can be extended from a standard 12 month warranty to 24 months for an additional One of these is executed as a Powered-USB

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The sound experience might have inzpiron been characterized by sparsely existent basses and their positioning on the bottom side isn’t quite optimal, but generally the sound is clear and clean, even with the maximum volume, which is sufficient. At use on a soft surfacesuch as upholstery or on the thighs, even up to 46 degrees Celsius could be observed.

Review Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Netbook – Reviews

The other keys in the first row are broader in the back due to the grouped arrangement of the arrow keys. Subjectively, there is no up to only little shadowing visible on a white background. In our opinion, the reflective display surface barely seems target group suitable, as it merely delivers useable results in interiors as the main interface to the user – however also not with dark backgrounds. With the 6 cell battery the notebook reaches a useable runtime independent of an external power source for a mobile mission.

Although watching movies won’t necessarily be the planned main application field of this mini-netbook, the HD display does offer a delp resolution than the WSVGA TrueLife screen in both dimensions, with which the work surface collectively is enlarged. Sticker in blue also available in green and black.


A vertical scrolling field has also been implemented, but not marked on the touchpad. In opposition to this, distortions like intervening or strongly drained colors set in early on the vertical plane. Around degrees is possible.

The second available version was built into the test device, which is available for a surcharge of The 6 cell battery also brings the device into a slightly slanted positionwhich turns out to be quite pleasant at typing. A maximum of Due to the weak basses, high-quality headphones would naturally provide a further improvement for everything that goes beyond undemanding background music.

The correlating buttons are integrated directly into the pad and highlighted optically as well as haptically.

Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Netbook Model Pp19s

Anyway, you inspkron consider that the system is not made for demanding 3D applications. Please, switch off ad blockers. Cause for it is the inspiton joint along the front edge, in which the cover of the wrist rest can be moved obviously under reduction of the gap against the base unit. It inspirkn get exciting with the HD display, though. HDMI interface is found directly on the case Loudspeakers The built-in stereo loudspeakers have an astonishing sound for a netbook.

Contrarily, the keyboard works surprisingly quiet and smooth, and also with sufficient palpable feedback. These are, measured with the BatteryEater tool, between a minimum of minuteswhich equals 4 hours and 47 minutes Classic test, desktop profile, maximum brightness, WiFi on and a maximum of minutes that are 7 hours and 41 minutes Reader’s test, energy savings profile, minimum brightness and WiFi off.

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Along with the built-in microphone also in the upper display bevel and loudspeakers, video telephony via internet op19s also possible without a headset. Point pressure against the lid also has to be executed strongly enough to provoke image distortion on an activated display.

There del two possibilities to transmit video signals to a, for instance, projector or a display with VGA connection: It’s not definable if you triggered the left or right mouse key towards the center before clicking. Therefore, merely the hard disk is to be heard. Thus, the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 is also available with the lower clocked Z Its maximum thermal design power Pp19e is 2 Watts – obviously performance wasn’t the main focus.

inepiron We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. System noise The Inspiron Mini 10 has it easy in this category without a fan.

Review Dell Inspiron Mini 10 Netbook

The intensely reflective display limits the mobility. The sound of both unfavorably placed mini loudspeakers is very impressive for a jnspiron. Dell includes a 3 cell Lithium-Ion battery with a capacity of 28 Wh in the basic configuration.