We used to have the same problem you are having in our office. Trim – Corner trim – Lower left side of base assembly – Quartz Gray. Spent big bucks to buy a color cartridge because the error light was on. Formatter – Formatter board assembly, this board communicates with your computer device and has MAC port connector. PC Board – Ink cartridge carriage assembly pc board – includes carriage pc board only. A better long term solution is rubber rejuvenator. Release it with a small screwdriver.

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When I try to print pfinter test page, the paper feeds, acts like its going to print and gives me the ” device not connected ” message and button starts to blink.

HP Deskjet C | FixYourOwnPrinter

Repair Service – Ship your product to us for a printeg diagnostic fee; and a professional service job. The ink is new, the cartridges are clean, and so is the head. Strip – Encoder strip – Clear strip with position marks – Used by the sensor in the carriage assembly to determine position.

Paper is loaded- not too much though. I threw away the old one. Print Mechanism – Print mechanism assembly – Complete mechanism with carriage movement, paper picking and service station operations.


Go to this web page for reference. I see how it works, now.

I don’t think it ever went all the way back to the left to force the actuator against the gear. I will e-mail you some general information that might help Bezel – Front panel overlay bezel – english control panel bezel – frame around display and control panel.

Hub – Idler hub – Drive belt pivot point on left side of chassis.

It the print mechanism prnter to life after the resume button is held in for a printeer seconds or the carriage moves when the cover is opened, there is hope. Tray Assembly Cover – Tray cover – the top cover for the paper pick up tray unit. Nancy If the paper feed rollers are turning but not picking up paper immeadiately, clean them with a damp cloth.

I tried reinstalling the drivers, unplugging the printer, checking the cables, prunter printing from different applications. I’m trying to help a friend, so that’s why I am not as familiar with the printer, so I and he really appreciate your help.

Spring – Belt spring – For belt tension bracket. Sensor Open – Door sensor assembly – open door sensor. This is a common fault with the series.

Both power and ff lights are flashing at the same time. Once you have it out, throw it in the trash. What did I do wrong? I do not have the C listed on my printers.


HP Deskjet 612C

Ho ideas would be much appreciated. The power cord would still be plugged in to the wall. Sensor Spot – Spot sensor assembly is attached to the carriage assembly. Actuator – Actuating unit. Arm – Lever arm – Used to lift the pressure plate lifter.

HP Deskjet 612c Printer Ink Cartridges

I have recently been having problems with my deskjet C. When I move paper pickup wheels, the motor spindle moves. When the printer is turned on, it makes a buzzing sound as if something should be moving, but isn’t, the cartridges move to the “home” position, but the paper rollers will not move.

If the driver lacks features that you were using in a previous operating system, jp will have to get used to not having them. This will verify whether or not you have an interface problem. Especially as you seem to have forgotton to list what your printers problem or printed are and any other information that might help anyone to help you.