The Audio-gd is the darker olive oil, the MiniMax extra virgin and lighter. Remarkably, the little box sounded pretty darn good the moment I turned it on; not only before burn in, but before the thing had even warmed up! The MiniMax also serves up the superior instrument separation and spaciousness by surrendering some relative tonal density. The Eastern Electric box worked on detail whilst the Trafomatic integrated added harmonic textures. Think big, soft, billowy cumulus clouds; those are the Mini.

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We never use the phrase “highly recommednded” like most others because no single product can ever be recommended for everyone, there are too many variables. But fast forward to To max out sonics for minimal wallet ache, cosmetics were simplified without affecting construction quality. The difference was miniscule, at least with the CD that was playing.

Well-recorded discs jumped up and slapped me in the face, kicked my butt! Rather than describe what less than ideal DACs sound like, below is a little graphic that will show you what digital reverb can sound like.

Output-wise, there is but one set of single-ended RCA jacks; balanced outs are not an option at this point. This is the future of what is possible!

Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC Review

At the time, funds were not available to purchase them and to this day I wish I had sold a kidney or something to keep them. What surprised me most was the similarity between the two.


Those that prefer a more romantic interpretation and NOS tragics should consider: Audio, from whose ad revenues he derives an income. Specifically, the EE DAC threw the widest soundstage of the ,inimax, but also frequently projected instrumental images both in front of and behind the plane of my speakers.

Tried it with Tube mode on and Just 2 V5 Opamps — step backwards for me now — plus from what I can gather the best way to run the Minimax if you use Opamps only is to pull the tube out. I was so surprised I ended up sending Bill an e-mail the next day asking him if it was indeed a new unit. Hmmmm might have to try the capacitor bypass and also change out the cheapo power supply capacitors!! Not only did I hear this tiny detail for the first time, but it was obvious that it was just outside of the recording venue!

The Wyred4Sound is more tonally dense — but only just. Yes, the tubed output gave a bit more body and roundness to the notes, but the differences were not mknimax appreciable. Well, I lobbed a Seimens in there things changed quite a bit from the Shuguang, but the difference between the solid state and tube sides was still not night and day.

It’s the first piece of gear that I have had in for review that has qualified Having said that, what I heard was pretty much exactly what both guys described!

Eastern Electric Minimax DAC V5 Supreme Sound Opamp Mod

daac The real question was, how much would separate these machines particularly in the context of an overall system that was deliberately scaled to match the MiniMax? An upgraded cable is a ust for digital things.


Alex Yeung and minijax team engineered this DAC to bring you the absolute best in digital playback. This review page is supported in part by the sponsors whose ad banners are displayed below.

I mininax some very good DACs here, but none seem to have quite the level of refinement of the EE, and I’m finding that I need that in my system. A good analogy would be an image in a photograph taken just out of focus.

With all well recorded vocals I could hear consonants being formed by the lips. With both pro DACS, the sax was solidly there in space, but there was a bit of fuzziness associated with the edges of the image of the instrument.

I had never picked this out before, so I went back and listened again. Donning my Armchair Audiophile cap reveals: Both John and Bill said the tube circuit and it is a separate circuit, not just a tube buffer tacked on the front does not make a profound difference.

I heard every intake of breath; the way he controlled the sound of his instrument. The output RCA connectors are standard fare.