Email We’ll respond within 24 hours of your request. With an imposing black metal body and two mysterious rows of unlabelled buttons on the rear, the Samsung NV20 is a radical departure from the normal compact digital camera. As for picture quality? Overall we weren’t that impressed by the NV20, it might look good, but in use it’s awkward, gimmicky and worse of all the images aren’t great. Initially I found Samsung’s touch sensitive smart button system to be more revolutionary than effective, but once I’d discovered the Hide option and used it for a while, it became a lot more intuitive, making the various menu options much more accessible and speeding up the operation of the camera.

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There’s a Photo Gallery option on the Mode dial which allows you to organise images into preset albums, view by date and playback images in a slideshow with music and various effects. The metal body feels indestructible, everything is well-positioned, and all of the various controls are designed and finished to a high standard.

Once you have captured a photo, the Samsung NV20 has a good range of options for playing, reviewing and managing your images. The small red LED just under the shutter button is actually a powerful focus assist lamp.

Samsung NV20 Review – PhotographyBLOG

Photo Frame lets you add samsujg types of frame-like borders to a photo, Motion GIF takes up to 50 photos and turns them into a single sequence of animated GIF images, and Composite Shooting enables you to combine 2, 3, or 4 different shots in a still image in different configurations. With an imposing black metal body and two mysterious rows of unlabelled buttons on the rear, the Samsung NV20 is a radical departure from the normal compact digital camera.


No Creative Exposure Modes: Best camera deals in November There’s a Power button, tactile Shutter button and a conventional mode dial on the top for selecting the various shooting modes more on these later. It has a markedly samxung user interface to most digicams, however, employing a touch-sensitive smart button system to make its menu system more accessible.

The new face detection feature can detect up to nine different faces and automatically set the correct focus and exposure, plus remove any red-eye. You don’t notice that the camera is actually doing anything different when anti-shake is turned on, just that you can use slower shutter speeds than normal and still take sharp photos.

Look closely though, and you’ll start to see why the NV20 represents a leap forward for Samsung. The NV20 is Samsung’s first megapixel compact camera with a 2. It’s a simple system that works quite well, although there are a couple of notable drawbacks. No DxO Sensor Score: Positioned at the top of their Lifestyle range, Samsung’s NV series represents a heavy investment in the company’s future, and it’s a world away from the cheap and cheerful non-descript cameras that the company used to sell.

Buffer size for RAW shooting in single shot mode frames: Buy the Samsung NV No Full Manual Exposure: Mark Goldstein found out. In some shooting modes there are simply more options that there are buttons.


Samsung NV20 Review – Specifications

There’s a large 2. Looking good might be one thing, but how about ease of use? Note that there is no histogram available during either shooting or playback. You can capture still images from a movie clip and trim a movie to make it shorter.

Samsung NV20

Samsung call them Smart buttons, briefly explaining in the User Guide that they are “used for shifting the menu cursor to select or for confirming the selected menu”. Image Capture Image Resolution: Depth of field refers to the portion of a scene that appears sharp in the image.

Shutter lag full AF, with flash: Replacement parts for a great many Samsung products can be found at the following websites: What does JPEG stand for?

I didn’t notice any notable difference between having the Face Detection settings on or off in terms of focusing speed, so I just set the camera to the latter. Samsung are trying to do something similar to Canon’s red vn20 used to denote their pro “L” series SLR lenses and use the blue ring to denote their best quality digital smsung products. Samsung have aggressively stated that they want to become samsing of the top 3 manufacturers of digital cameras by not long to go now!