It was always clicking after every song on and off as the song changed. I havent opened it up or anything, but this comment is about the case. Post 27 of That’s pretty crazy for the price-point it lives in. No, create an account now. This is my first dedicated DAC.

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Out of interest, did you use the optical out from your Macbook, or USB?

I do have a niggling suspicion that the Teac will be in an uphill battle against the Furutech, though. Post 25 of It is “ok” I guess. Tewc doesn’t seem to have garnered much attention though, perhaps if demand for it was higher, the price would be too, the value to money ratio seems excellent.

TEAC UD-H01 D/A Converter | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

The Teac feels the same way; It’s not quite a masterpiece, but it sounds better than anything I’ve heard around the same price and they clearly did their homework figuring out what to put into it. The unit features a professional-style 3-pin power socket.


Mar 10, at 2: ASRC conversion is used to produce a natural, kHz high-sampling rate digital audio signal. Post 26 of I wanted to give you my first impressions I have with this little converter. I can have it free if I help him pack and move some stuff to a storage locker.

Windows 7 can force a specific sample rate upconvert so that problem went away. If you haven’t tried using the USB connection before, would you mind doing so to see how well it is implemented?

TEAC UD-H01 D/A Converter

Just picked up the unit and testing it out as a DAC. Hope you’ve sprung for it, it’s a neat little unit. Three digital inputs are provided: Strong in a strong field By any reckoning this is a very capable piece of hd.

I suppose it is ok. Post 20 of Treble is extended and sweet, and midrange is neutral and just as full j01 character as the original recording, no more and no less.

The above shouldn’t be considered a representation of the Teac’s capabilities as a DAC. Steve Hoffman Music Forums.

The thing was basically unusable. Feb 23, at 9: Its quite easy live with in that it provides a nicely relaxed sound and provides decent imaging.


Ideal as a High-Quality Headphone Amplifier as well The same high-quality operational amplifier used for line output is used y01 headphone amplifier output. In Japan, the UD-H01 have received some prizes of an audio equipment. Plugged my T1’s directly into the Teac and listened for a half hour.

TEAC UD-H01 review | What Hi-Fi?

Mar 21, at I havent opened it up or anything, but this comment is about the case. I used Sennheiser HD headphones direct from it and it sounded pretty good. Post 16 of I am looking at this DAC as well. Post 29 of That does seem to be just about the only chink in its otherwise shining armour, though. The balance of the sound would bit warm side of neutral.